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Sachiko sensei’s present / 幸子先生からの贈り物

news2024022102 Every year teachers at our school wear a small Christmas badge. There are two types. One is a knitted wreath with some Christmas charms on it and a ribbon, the other is an acorn with some colored ribbon. We wear them on our lanyard or put them on our Bible bags. These are hand-made by Sachiko sensei. This year I chose one that has yellow and blue ribbon because it reminded me of Ukraine and the hardships that the people there will be going through while we are safe indoors celebrating the end of year with our families.

I was surprised a few weeks ago when I looked at my instagram stories. An acquaintance who lives in Tsukuba shared a picture of one of Sachiko sensei’s Christmas badges. It was only then that I realized that Sachiko sensei makes these badges for her Quaker meeting members too. That means she must make more than 200 of these badges every year.

Sachiko sensei has been a teacher here for many decades and is a graduate of the school. She teaches Quakerism and religion. I think she is a very special person and we are lucky that she works here with us because she is well-travelled, she helps us remember the Quaker values that we teach our students, and she models how to live a life in which you show generosity and compassion towards others.
I have kept the badge that I choose every year, so after I add this year’s one I will have 11 of them. I hope to make a Christmas garland with them all some day.

毎年ルーレット システムベット では先生たちが小さなクリスマスのバッジを付けます。バッジには2種類あります。一つはクリスマスの飾りが付いた手編みのリースとリボン、もう一つは色付きのリボンが付いている松ぼっくりです。私たちはそれを名札を吊るす紐に付けたり、聖書を入れるバッグに付けます。これらのバッジは幸子先生の手作りです。私は今年黄色と青色のリボンが付いたものを選びました。そのバッジはウクライナを連想させ、私たちが安全な家の中で家族と年末をお祝いしている中、ウクライナに住む方々が感じるであろう苦難を私に思い起こさせたからです。

幸子先生はルーレット システムベット に何十年も先生として勤めていらっしゃっていて、このカジノ サイト の卒業生でもあります。先生はクエーカー主義と宗教をお教えになっています。私は先生は特別な方で、私たちと一緒にルーレット システムベット で働いてくださっていることは幸運なことだと思っています。先生は旅行経験が豊富で、私たちが生徒たちに教えるクエーカーの価値観を忘れないようにしてくださり、他人に対して寛大さや思いやりを示す生き方のお手本にもなってくださっているからです。

私は毎年選んでいるバッジを保管していて、今年のバッジを足すと11個になります。いつかバッジを全て使ってクリスマスのガーランドを作りたいと思っています。    Translated by Y.Y 高2

 担当: Sinead O'Connor

Global Voices 国際交流

ルーレット システムベット では、海外との交流は決して特別なことではありません。今までも、今も、そしてこれからもますます、ルーレット システムベット の生徒は色々な国で学び、様々な国の生徒がルーレット システムベット を訪れることでしょう。また海外にルーレット システムベット を支えてくれるカジノ サイト や、フレンド派の施設が数々存在し、その先生たちとの交流も私たちの教育に大切な役割をはたしています。さらに多くの卒業生が、ルーレット システムベット で学んだことを土台とし、海外で活躍しています。このような人たちからの便りは、私たちにとってなにより励みとなるものです。皆様にもその声をご紹介したいと思います。


奥山 結麻

news2024022101 フランスに留学して4ヶ月が経ちました。
 ホストファミリーは両親と19才と17才のホストシスター二人(17才のシスターはアメリカに留学中)の4人で、とても親切にしてもらっています。休日には一緒にパリや田舎にある家に出かけたり、19才のホストシスターとはカジノ サイト 後に買い物や映画鑑賞をすることも多いです。

 フランスでの生活で驚いたことは数多くありますが、特に会話の多さには驚かされます。カジノ サイト でも家でも流れるように話の主題が変わる上に早口で議論するので、最初の頃は話を聞くだけでも大変でした。ホストマザーになぜフランス人がこんなにも議論をするのか聞いたところ返ってきた答えが印象的だったのでご紹介します。


World Friends

Sinéad O’ Connor


O’Connor: Please briefly introduce yourself.

Tonkhao: Hi, my name is Ornamol Subhamanee, but everyone calls me Tonkhao. I’m from Thailand and I’m 18 years old right now. I came to Japan last year in March. I am a student in 高1.

O’Connor: What was the biggest culture shock you experienced here in Japan?

Tonkhao: So, like, maybe the train. Like, there are so many people in the train in the morning and evening. It’s too many people and sometimes I feel イライラ. I live in the countryside in Thailand so we don’t have crowded transport systems. But I think the Thai transport system is not so good. It’s often late and doesn’t have a schedule. We really only have trains in Bangkok. Many Thai people get around by car or motorcycle. Other than that, not much. I know about Japan so it doesn’t surprise me so much but maybe one other thing is in oshogatsu, or like other festivals, Japanese people do things in order, step by step. Of course we have this kind of culture too but, for example, if you talk about oshogatsu to Japanese friends, like, what did you eat, everybody in Thailand will have a different answer but in Japan almost everyone will say they ate osechi and visited the shrine for hatsumode.

O’Connor: What did you miss the most about home while being in Japan?

Tonkhao: Food!! I think food in Japan and food in Thailand is very different. In Thailand we have so many tastes: spicy, sweet, salty. I don’t mean that Japanese doesn’t have that but sometimes Japanese food tastes similar to me. I ate Thai food here and I think it was kind of the same as back home because the owner is usually a Thai person and you can find the ingredients in Kaldi or the Asian supermarket.

O’Connor: What’s your favorite Japanese word?

Tonkhao: That’s not easy!! I think 幸せ. Like, I like to ask my friends 幸せ?幸せ?and they laugh but recently they answer 幸せです

O’Connor: What was your school life experience like here in Japan? Did you have a favorite subject?

Tonkhao: Favorite subject? It might be English because it is the easiest for me to understand. But other subjects were good too, like home economics. I can do things with my friends so it’s fun and I had cooking lessons. My favorite event was School Festival because I did many things. At first I thought because I am an exchange student I don’t have much to do but it was kind of fun. We were so busy. I had so many things to do. I did a shift selling things, made a presentations and participated in a kendo match. It was so much fun.

O’Connor: You joined the 中3 trip to Iwate. How was it?

Tonkhao: It was great!!! We went to temples, museums, mountains, and lakes but I could make so many new friends. いっぱいできた!

O’ Connor: What was the hardest thing for you this year?

Tonkhao: Being an exchange student! It’s not the first time I’m far from my family, it’s the first time I’m far for this long, but not the first time. And so sometimes I feel lonely. With a different culture and different lifestyle and different thoughts it was kind of hard at first but now I have so many friends so I’m happy.

O’Connor: What’s the next step for you?

Tonkhao: I will study. I think I’ll have more will to study from this year abroad. I will be in 高3 when I go back. I want to be a vet. I’m a little sad because when I go back my old friends will have already graduated so I’ll have to make new friends.

O’Connor: Do you have a message for FGS students?

Tonkhao: Thank you for being my friends. I’m so happy that so many people came and talked to me and wanted to be my friend. I also want to say don’t worry and please talk to the new students. They will be happy. When I first came here I was so lonely and wanted someone to talk to so I want them to have the courage to talk to people. One girl told me she didn’t talk to me because she doesn’t know how to talk to people, but in the end we talked.

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